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Who we are

Who we are
Mission Statement
Our Advisors

BlankGroup assists small-sized, medium-sized, or large-sized businesses and brands in achieving their specific objectives, such as increasing sales or rebranding, through marketing and design practices. Our marketing side can conduct thorough market research and analysis to craft personalized marketing campaigns that strategize a business’s path to meeting set objectives.

Our design side supplements a marketing campaign with design-related needs, such as web development and visual content creation. We realize that different clientele possess different business visions and goals, which is why our services are flexible as to accommodate for this. If a client simply requires a design-related product (i.e. no marketing campaign needed), we will happily provide our services to this client.

We strive to use our skills and knowledge in marketing and design to help clients reach their visions for their business. In doing so, we want to display maximum professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to make the process enjoyable and simple for our clients.

Brand Advisors are the main leaders in our marketing department and are responsible for overseeing the workflow within the creative team and their clients. Based on the research and input that they and others on the marketing team have done, they work together to design and create marketing campaigns that will help meet clients’ business objectives on the budget that they have.

Brand Advisors are also  responsible for developing reports and/or campaign presentations for the team and clients based on information that they have collected.

Developing and teaching within the BlankGroup team will be a major focus. As a young, ambitious company with great ambitions, we believe that learning and growing through each experience will propel us to greater heights!

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Our Capabilities

BlankGroup is a Vancouver-based marketing and design agency. We assist businesses and brands of all types in realizing their potential through brand management, content creation, and identity design.

+ Professional integrity
+ Availability
+ Resourcefulness
+ Literacy
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