Hi there!

So your interested in opening an account with Blankgroup, but not sure how the process works? Well luckily for you we've kept It quite simple.

Step 1: Discovery

Discovery meetings provide information used to draft a discovery report and a basic account profile. It also helps our brand managers decide which account to open, that will best serve your immediate and long term goals.

Step 2: Account Creation

Shortly after an approved discovery, a brand manager will be in contact with you in regards to relevant agreements, account detail verification and will present to you an unofficial service breakdown.

Step 3: Approval

The final step to our process is an approval. Once the service breakdown has been approved by you, master client agreement signed and account is activated, you are then free to use, apply and purchase additional apps and resources within your business centre account.

Our branches

Current branches are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, and the city of Surrey BC, Canada.