Translating Web Design into Business Growth

Do you ever realize how much work you put into multiple components like marketing strategies, researching up on your business niche, or an action plan for your company? With your focus directed towards those areas, it can be easy to forget about the digital side of things when it comes to adding to your brand as well as creating it. 

Creating a website or a similar form of a digital outlet for online users is an important element to expanding your network and creating a space for a potential audience to gain a sense of trust and loyalty towards your company. Undoubtedly, web design allows you to become creative in executing content and product creation so that it appeals to audiences and portrays your brand’s identity. 

Through Blankgroup’s main website, Press Release website and multiple social media outlets, we are able to broadcast our services, relay the assets of the companies we work with and any other information we find relevant towards our purpose. These outlets stretch far across the board to whoever wants to read and listen and with continued consistency in each of these parts, we are able to grow our audiences through the simplicity of website design.

Blankgroup’s Main Website

Statistics show that first impressions are 94% design-related. Read that again, first impressions are 94% design-related. That number is too high to not be considered and left unread. It almost seems obvious that that statistic exists but it can also be a scary number to linger on because of how much potential customers can love or dislike your company just from its appearance. I mean, we do that everyday anyways when we meet people for the first time. Don’t lie to yourself, you know it’s true.  

What is put out for people to see generates an instant opinion about your brand regardless if it is good or bad. The visible identity portrayed through digital outlets  has a huge impact on your audience’s trustworthiness towards your company. 

According to, 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. This shows how much more effort and special attention should be given to web design because websites can really be the make or break for your potential audiences to stay loyal and trust the journey that they will take with you as your business thrives.

Business growth is connected to so many different areas and it’s companies like Blankgroup that lighten the load of having to focus on something as crucial as creating websites and different digital outlets to showcase your brand. We find it really important that a company’s identity is prioritized in the whole process of (re)branding it because first impressions are everything whether that’s in person or digitally.

Thank you for reading today’s release and let me know what you think about it in our comment section. Make sure to catch up with past posts and stay connected with Blankgroup on social media! 

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