Top UX and UI Designs Noticed throughout 2020

2020: the most futuristic sounding year by far. You would think that what you are reading right now could jump out at you or maybe that car review you came across would have a feature to experience its best specs right at home.

Sadly though, it is not 2050 but what I can say is that with how technology, social media and the whole digital world has evolved over the past few decades, 2020 is anticipated to be a promising year. 

In digital marketing, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design work together to create the ultimate user to company experience and going into 2020, these two designs are already an expectation. And if you’ve done a bit of research on what these two designs are and what they mean then you already know there are common aspects of each that people love to focus on. 

So, for all my website designer junkies and curious readers, let me tell you about a few trends that you have probably or will notice throughout 2020. 

UX Design Trends

With changing times, one could say it is getting trickier to keep up with UX designs suited for new technology, so let me narrow some down for you that you will be able to catch in 2020:



Considering home buttons and ‘go back’ buttons are basically nonexistent because of edge to edge screens on your phones, it is becoming more of a necessity for users to be able to easily interact with the digital products they are using. 

Gestures like scrolling, swiping, shaking or on screen buttons are specs you will see to enhance user experience because it is what your devices may call for. It is important to recognize what is needed in order for a smooth sailing experience especially when it comes to navigating your way through an application. 

Voice Command

How many people do you know own a Google Home, an Amazon Fire Cube or some kind of device that works solely off of voice command? There is a chance that you just might and you love how you can do basic things like play your music or find a recipe just by asking without touching a keyboard. 

It seems that in 2019 they started to become more popular making user experience design for the homes and cubes crucial to keep people coming back for newer editions or to buy for others. Although an amazing gift, there are also problems that can occur relating to the privacy or security of the product making those topics of discussion for 2020 as well in order to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.


When learning about storytelling in relation to UX design, I found it a hard topic to catch onto, but as I continued to learn about it, I was taught how much of an essential it is, something any UX designer cannot miss out on. 

Storytelling digitally aka visual narration is important when keeping an audience connected with what you want your brand to be.

Though, when telling a story it can be easy for your listener to lose interest, so you must be creative in the ways you present your ideas as well as exemplifying your brand’s design language. 

Visual narration creates a way for there to be connectedness, a welcoming experience and a way for an audience to keep coming back for what you are producing, so with being in 2020, storytelling will be a dominant factor to inviting in your audience. 

UI Design Trends

UI design is important for any digital product considering it mainly focuses on the visuals of a product, basically how every single spec will look to its users. So, for 2020, these trends are what to look forward to:


3D Graphics 

Being able to see a 2D versus a 3D picture is truly life changing. I know, it is very “first world” to say but 3D graphics allows for pictures to be seen in different dimensions. It proposes a new way of seeing colour, for designs to stand out and it gives that kind of ‘curb appeal’ everyone wants to see as soon as you glance at it.

As readers and creators, 3D graphics will pull you in to begin a welcoming experience as well as giving you an inside scoop into what is being presented. 

Background Visuals

These kinds of visuals can range from being still or in motion, but what is most important is that they are displayed full screen. If you have someone to your left, to your right or just by yourself, look at the screen of their or your phone; I’d say that from edge to edge is a screen with no buttons to maximize screen display. 

With having the ability to maximize a display on the website you are making or just browsing, it allows for an interaction that brings you closer to it being real. A still visual that fills a screen is promising but taking it up a notch by putting it in motion can make an audience connect to what you are putting out into the world to see.  

Buttonless Gestures

Now, since we have established almost everyone having a full screen device of some sort, that calls for buttonless gestures. We are in a time where the only exercise some people get is for their thumb while scrolling, maybe 50 sets 100 reps on an average day, but let’s not get into it too much. 

From scrolling to swiping side to side or navigating your way through an app by voice command, it seems to be getting easier to not use buttons. 2019 was the year for a lot of phone companies to make designers rethink their designs in order to smoothly function online, and 2020 will be a time to perfect those designs, more so buttonless gestures for functionality. 

UX. UI. Unite.

Blankgroup’s whole effort that goes into designing websites or apps, for example, is a carefully thought out process. If you take the examples that we paired with each trend, one could say it fits a theme, fulfills a purpose, and draws the attention of others, but what might take a minute or two to recognize is the reason why we chose a certain picture for a website or why we used a scroll function rather than a swipe.

Well, with all the built up knowledge you now have, you would know that it is because of our focus on user experience. Just as it is important for a digital product to be visually appealing, we have to understand where our audience is coming from and how they would feel about what we are putting out for them.

UX and UI design specs are so important to incorporate, but especially by harmonizing them together in order for your digital products to have a purpose, to have a functional layout and be something that you are proud of. 

Sorry to get a little sappy on you, but a little moral support can’t hurt. If we missed any trends, let us know in the comment section below and make sure to stay in touch for future reads! 

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