The Benefits of Identity Design for Growing Your Business

You look in the mirror and what do you see? Think about what you identify yourself as and what makes you different from everybody else. Although this may seem unrelated to digitally marketing for your company, you might be able to see that these questions act as a metaphor for your company, the mirror being your audience and yourself being the company. 

All entrepreneurs of growing companies want to be able to have a strong standing in their specific industry and make themselves stand out from all the other competitors in order to thrive. And as you probably know, this is not easy in the beginning stages of starting up your own company because it can feel like special attention must be given to everything for foundations to be set.

In order to thrive, it is important to have the right support and team to work with, most importantly, people that can focus on essential aspects like identity design to further business growth. 

Blankgroup continues to share their knowledge and expertise in growing businesses, new and established while growing our own team in order to accommodate our clients needs. Here are a few ways in which I found were beneficial to focus on identity design when growing your business:

  • Strengthen Identity
  • Build Relationships
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Audience Oriented

Strengthen Business Identity

When you first start up your business there are many variables to consider to stabilize its identity. You want it to stand out and be something that your audience will always choose no matter who the competition is.

Having a specific identity to embody your entire business starts with your vision and how it can be applied for the most successful outcome.

Blankgroup begins with a project that is aimed towards building up your business’ image and portraying it through our specialization in design to develop websites, market your products and services and/or focusing on design and content creation.

Identity design is crucial in the process of starting to gradually growing your business because of the foundation it sets for your company and how you will then be able to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Build Business Relationships

Identity design builds relationships between you and your customers to keep them consistent and wanting to come back constantly for your products or services. Building relationships doesn’t just end at your customers, it also includes qualified people who can work for your company.

The beginning stages of a business needs a substantial amount of support to grow and kickstart what it could become and that starts with the people who want to work for you. That is decided through what your ideas are and how you have presented them in order to intrigue working audiences.

From building on your company’s identity through design, whether you’re doing that on your own or with the help of a company like Blankgroup, there is no doubt that relationships in all aspects will be built and most importantly secured.

Customer to Company Loyalty 

As I have already mentioned, building relationships between your company and its customers will keep your audience consistent with your brand.

There are globally known brands like Nike and Adidas where customers are so strung on the items they produce and will often argue about what the better brand is. Who came out with the better shoe or who has the better trademark logos to wear? When you think of those questions, it all relates back to design and how those two companies have identified themselves from their beginnings and have continued to overtime.

With consistency from brands comes consistency from audiences which translates into customer loyalty and the team behind creating those experiences. 

Audience Oriented Team

At Blankgroup, we always create projects that will benefit your company and its customers making it our priority. Having an audience oriented team lets our clients know that we create content that builds on your identity design especially when presented with problems from customers.

With finding solutions to these problems, designers, strategists and marketers work together to revise the process that was being used and make sure it’s up to date for the benefit of your company and your customers. An audience oriented team drives ideas and visions forward stabilizing the identity of your company. 

Whether you’re just starting or rebranding your business, identity design is what will bring attention to your company to further its development and solidify its place in its market. I’d say I have identified some ways that you can think about to prioritize identity design, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Thank you for reading this week’s post and stay in touch to catch new one’s every week!

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