Obsessed with Instagram? Businesses are Capitalizing On You

Watch out, ad coming through! Swipe right to accept this great offer you shouldn’t think twice about. Pop up alert! Flash sale at your local retail store you can’t pass up. 

These are a couple of ways that businesses may interrupt your Youtube watching, Instagram scrolling and website browsing experiences. I am sure that you’ve come across at least one of these ad presences but let’s talk about one that seems inescapable, Instagram ads. 

Whether you’re watching stories or scrolling through your feed, an ad by popular or local businesses always shows up leaving you to accidentally click, swipe or scroll away or intentionally click it. 

It might not be a bother for occasional Instagram users but for you addicts out there, businesses are doing everything they can to capitalize on you (okay, maybe not everything, but I wanted there to be some kind suspense).

In shop businesses may not prioritize an online presence as much as they want to upkeep their website and physical but online stores thrive off of social media. 

With as many as 1 billion active users, the amount of people you can potentially connect with and share your business to is unimaginable. So for online businesses, this app is key in attracting new customers and keeping consistent ones up to date with their stores.

The mere thought of capitalizing on an idea puts you in the right direction as you focus in on what you can do to excel on it, but when it comes down capitalizing on the use of a whole app to drive traffic to your website, products and services you definitely need to do your research.

Successful businesses are collecting data on where their customers come from and figuring out who they are. Demographics matter and by that I mean if your customers are part of Gen Z and/or millennials, then chances are they have Instagram and that’s an accessible way to reach them but if you have customers that are older, they may be using a different app like Facebook more so than Instagram.

So, using data as a key part in knowing your audiences will allow your business to capitalize off of social media apps as well as narrow down which ones to capitalize off of. 

As I mentioned, Instagram has about a billion users so for the active ones, think about what you see on your explore page. Over time, it becomes a place of things that you actually want to see and that includes ads. 

Through a particular algorithm that Instagram stirs up, your explore page becomes a you page and to help businesses out, you could say that Instagram may just send over an ad to your page that would be of your interest. 

It’s quite a unique way of businesses being able to use Instagram to their advantage while giving you a great opportunity to buy something that you’ll actually like. 

Whether you’re on Instagram or Youtube, keep an eye out for what you talk about during the day or search up on because it might just show up on your feed through ads. So really, businesses are listening and watching you from their top secret offices for data collection or it’s your federal government. I’ll let your conspiracy theorist side decide which one you believe. 

Thank you for reading today and following my not so suspenseful post. Look forward to more and let me know what you think in the comment section below! 

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