How A Business Design Approach Will Transform Your Business

The term ‘business design’ as defined by David John Kaye is a human-centred approach to innovation. It applies the principles and practices of design to help organizations create new value and new forms of competitive advantage. 

Business design is the next step in putting value into your company’s services and products as it focuses on customer empathy, experience design and business strategy. 

Now, I don’t want to just state some facts and call it a day, so let’s get down to business. Quite literally too. 

You want to have products and services that are more than just acceptable and desirable, you want them to be worthwhile. Something that people keep coming back to because everytime they buy it, it keeps getting better.

Business design needs designers focused on different aspects of a project so that results are broadened rather than dominate in one area of expertise. Starting with having a strong team to carry out tasks is important for achieving customer oriented products and services. 

You want to take everything that your customers say about what they want to see and experience with your products and services, so when you have people to listen to that as well as execute, the overall value of your product will strengthen. 

Take it from David Kelley, co founder of IDEO, who coined the term “design thinking.” This term focuses on the people that you are creating for working collaboratively with business design. It’s because of these ideas that companies like Airbnb and Nike have internalized to continue to be at the forefront of their business niche. 

When Airbnb had less than a thousand hosts, the men behind the company had been in a completely different place demographically (San Francisco) rather than where a majority of their hosts were which was in New York. 

As a growing business and smart entrepreneurs, they had flown to New York to personally stay with them, write reviews, and professionally photograph their places

In relation to business design, this was a step forward for the brand because the leading entrepreneurs were paying more attention to their hosts, improving business and making the overall appeal of the brand online so much more presentable for people wanting to rent out the spaces. 

Now, Airbnb’s net worth is calculated at $38 billion dollars and personally, I think that if there hadn’t been that one decision to be in New York to help out hosts, they wouldn’t be where they are today. 

Their focus on design and making pictures appealing to customers was key in boosting business is a mere glance into business design and how focusing on it can transform your business in ways you might not expect. 

Whether the results show up in a short amount of time or long term, they’ll be there. It’s just a matter of trusting yourself and your team to make the right decisions and overcoming mistakes all while narrowing in on your audience and understanding what they want out of your company. 

If you ask me, business design is definitely a transformative approach, so let me know how you think you could use it to change up your business in the comment section below. Thank you for reading everyone! 

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