Balance Your Work Life During the Pandemic

Is your work life the only thing that seems to make your life go round, or do you genuinely have a balance between work and your regular life?

Even before the pandemic, there were people who constantly worked long hours during the day and even when they were at home, checking work emails and taking work phone calls mattered more than ‘you time’. 

It is very important to find a balance between your work life and your regular life especially during the pandemic as it can become overwhelming when you’re at home consumed in ‘home-work.’

I have found that taking productive breaks in between emails, zoom calls and scheduled phone calls can be a great time to reset your mind. Maybe you have a book you’re currently reading or have picked up a new hobby like gardening, so taking the time to do those things, or doing something you enjoy can alleviate stress and give you an equal amount of time between work and your day to day life.

Becoming virtual or more virtual than you were before has changed the way people interact with each other. I am sure there are many new group chats and zoom calls being made just for some eye to eye conversation so when you are using them, come to a consensus of how much you talk about work (and the pandemic) so that you aren’t triggered with frustration or stress. 

Remember those weekly after work drinks at your favourite restaurant with your favourite people? Although you can’t do that now, (unless restaurants are open where you are) that doesn’t mean you have to completely stop trying to. With so many ways to video call, you can still have time with the people you love and share a drink, just from afar. 

When you get your time off from work like possibly one week on, one week off, use those staycation hours up! One idea could be turning away from social media and any part of the digital world and just catching up with some you time as well as focusing on family and friends.

During the pandemic, I think that a lot of people have spent a lot more time with their loved ones and through the pandemic, many have learned the importance of taking time to actually spend with their family and valuing that time.  

Lastly, I highly encourage staying on top of your physical health through exercising. 

There are so many virtual plans and videos you can follow for meal plans, meal prep, and exercising different parts of your body from a whole bunch of fitness gurus that want to help. Not only can you buy programs, but you can also find many that are free (via Youtube). 

It can be a nice break from constantly working even if it’s a 10 minute workout session. Anything to make you feel rejuvenated and productive will really bless your overall physical feeling as well as your mind. 

Thank you for reading today’s post! I hope you can take something away from it and also, let me know what you do to balance your work life.

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