Bring Your Business Out of Coronavirus with a Bang

Throughout North America, businesses both big and small have started to reopen but not without a little bit of change. 

It’s no surprise that businesses are having to follow new health and safety rules to allow customer flow into shops which also limits the amount of people in them. But, that shouldn’t stop you from being optimistic and ambitious about how you can transform your business for new and consistent customers post-COVID. 

Depending on the type of business you have or are a part of, the way you can change it will vary. Say if you own a store, maybe it was overdue for a makeover so you changed the interior and/or exterior design with a fresh new look, maybe even the brand too. I know, that seems like the most extreme thing you could do, it all just depends on what your business demands from you.

Take Popeyes for example; they went from their cartoony look to a more modern approach for rebranding the fast food chain. Fast Company stated that “JKR [Jones Knowles Ritchie] worked with type foundry Colophon to create an original typeface called “Chicken sans” that has a crisp, modern feel.” 

Influenced by Louisiana’s architecture, Popeyes is grabbing the attention of many and not just with brand new dine in seating. Right down to the packaging that chicken and burgers come in, they really used the time to revamp their old look into a consumer attraction. 

To hit closer to home (quite literally), British Columbia has been slowly going through a 4 phase process of reopening the province, currently in phase 2 which is the reopening of  hair salons, restaurants, museums, beaches, and many more retail sectors. 

One place in particular that just reopened on June 3rd in downtown Vancouver is Pink Elephant Thai, a popular dine in Thai restaurant. Not only have they reopened one of their locations, but with a whole new all day menu!

Daily Hive reported that “the restaurant is known for its signature cocktails and imported Thai beers that pair perfectly with their new menu, which is inspired by the flavours and influence of all of the regions of Thailand.” 

For new and regular customers, this is exciting news as it gives something for people to look forward to amid all the quarantining and endless at home takeout. It’s exactly the attention any business could ask for after what felt and still feels like an economic drought in most places.

And although this kind of change takes time for businesses to organize and execute, it can become a worthwhile task bringing in potential customers as well as improving your business for the better. 

Thank you for stopping by for this quick read. Stay safe and healthy everyone! 

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