Boost Your Creativity for Work Outside of Business Hours

Your 9-5 might just seem like the right time to get all the work done that you need to so that you can go home and have some time for yourself. What if I told you that restricting yourself to those allotted hours for work is total bogus (I’ve been waiting to use that word).

When you’re bombarded with tasks, your boss giving you deadlines and coworkers stopping by your space to chat because you’re the ‘get along with everyone’ employee, it can be distracting and even frustrating. 

Sometimes you may try to force creative juices out of you by thinking so hard that your brain might just explode on you. Personally, I would hate for your brain bits to splatter on your perfectly clean shirt so allow me to let you in on a not so secret secret that you need to know about.

Being in a relaxed state where your focus is being directed towards unfinished tasks will help boost your creativity. You see, when I’m at home, and it’s after 5pm I can get so much more done, even start and finish a blog or two with no problems. 

I much rather work in the evening because that’s my primetime for creating worthy content especially at home. But it will definitely vary depending on you and your busy mind. 

Just imagine being in an element where you can be at peace, doing your work but also going crazy when you feel overwhelmed with work – when really, you’re underestimating yourself – without anyone saying anything to you to bother. 

That’s paradise for me, especially when you are in a comfortable spot and in a relaxed state to get work done. 

Creativity should bloom organically, not when you have timeframes counting down the days and hours until you need to stop being creative. It’s normal to want to have a ‘due date’ for projects but won’t your creativity flourish the most if you have some of your own time to do what you do best?

That’s very much a rhetorical question, but I’ll let it sink in a little bit. 

It’s also really good to take a step back and reflect. Being on a constant go and pushing out as much content as you can in a certain period of time can take away from digesting your work and critiquing it as a whole. 

As someone in the business world with an endless line of competition, you want to give out the best products, content, and services to potential and current audiences. So knowing where you can improve and where you’re doing a good job is important which takes that extra step (or one back) to reflect on your work. 

Never underestimate how much you can do as you hold the most knowledge you ever will in this moment right now. You can only grow your brain power which will help to boost your creativity and make you work smarter (not harder) in any situation.  

A quick read, but one that hopefully motivated you and your creative juices. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to more posts to come every Sunday and Wednesday! 

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