All You Need to Know About UX and UI Design

I don’t know about you, but when I think about the terms UX or UI I automatically assume stories about robots called UX or UI invading Earth being casted all over news headlines. Now, if you actually know what it means, congrats to you but we are in a world of people always trying to learn so let me educate you a bit about each term.

User Experience

Functionality of Apple’s UX design

User experience, commonly known as UX design refers to the interaction between the user and what a company puts out into the world for the user to use. Whether that be a literal product like the works of an alarm clock (I still have one and not for looks, so it is definitely relevant) or the simple navigation through a mobile website for buying and selling cars, user experience is EVERYTHING.

People want to know what a product will feel like for the audience they are putting it out for, so ideas of how a product is being experienced can be considered multiple times over. UX design is crucial to anyone involved in digital marketing and will always be at the top of any business to give the best experience for their audiences. 

User Interface

Overall look for iPhone user controls

User interface, commonly known as UI design refers to the presentation of a digital product. It focuses on the visual aspect of a digital product as well as any form of animation and interaction that needs to be designed. Whether that be images, buttons to click on or the words you read, all of these elements either relate to the look and feel of a digital product’s user interface.

It is important that the visuals and design of a digital product harmonize together to correlate with the purpose of it, otherwise the digital product fails to be successful. 

Collaborative Design

People tend to confuse the two terms more so than you may think, even I did when I first came across it and funny enough, I am now trying to teach you about it.

First off, know that UI design cannot become something without UX design. User experience designers focus on how UI will work whereas the user interface designers focus on how UI design will look like. What the designers work on gives a mere glance into how UX is the backbone to the start of any product.

Overall, user experience and user interface design will always work collaboratively for the ultimate user to company experience. 

At Blankgroup, user experience is our holy grail to creating websites. Whether it comes to rebranding a website for our company or creating an entirely new one for a company, we focus on it to ensure a seamless user experience.

It propels businesses for the effectiveness and optimization of designs and processes so that they are in sync with a central vision that a company desires. I cannot emphasize enough how much UX can be overlooked, especially in an era where everything we see and use has to be ‘aesthetically pleasing.’

Can you tell I might be a bit biased, but who isn’t? Though, I do hope that you are more informed about user experience and user interface making it easier for you to navigate your way through a digital world. 

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