A Perfect Match: Growth Design

Ask me and my biased opinions that whenever Apple drops a new phone I have to have it. My bank account might not agree but just because Apple added a couple new specs to their iPhones and gave it a new colour; that alone intrigues me. Beyond that, they presented it through ads and commercials in aesthetically pleasing, futuristic ways that completely made me fall in love with their new line of phones and contribute to their growth and sales. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Apple is a big company that doesn’t need overly innovative digital marketing strategies to sell their products,” but think again. Would you really have bought Airpods if it wasn’t for that ‘Bounce’ commercial they broadcasted everywhere you could see a screen just to let you know ‘yes, we came out with wireless earbuds NOW BUY THEM?” Too much… okay maybe, but with Apple’s marketing tactics in mind, let me tell you about this perfect match you need to know about. 

Marketing design and business growth go hand in hand when starting up a new business or even when introducing new services, products or opportunities from company to buyer. The reasoning behind design being a critical component to the growth of a business is for a company to reach their business goals. The focus of design allows for transformational processes within a company which furthers the ability to complete and excel in your company’s goals.

Blankgroup is always focusing on design as a major component in what we do for the companies we work with but for us, design doesn’t just end at font sizes and visuals, it symbolizes bringing your vision to life to portray what you want your company to be for your audiences. 

It is essential for design to be prioritized for the growth of your company because it steers aspects like product development and customer service in the right direction, making it the foundation of a successful brand. 

More Than Just Visuals

Although the way something looks is important, the work that goes into design is a whole job within itself.  Your product’s brand is at the core of how it succeeds in its market from being able to put out what you have to offer all at the right time. With people like designers, marketers, innovators and so much more, they create a team that can bring visions to life. Together, this is what will distinguish your company from its competition bringing in an audience that wants to be a part of your brand and support it. 

So far, Blankgroup’s experiences with brand development and product production have been successful when the plans behind each component is in line with our business goals. When working alongside other companies to help rebrand or newly brand them, we always start with what the priorities and goals are for projects we work on so that aspects like design are in sync with the purpose of your brand so that there is maintained business growth. 

Benefits of Design 

Looking beyond design and at what it can do for companies is crucial in understanding how it can be utilized and benefit your company’s growth. There are statistics that account for design being important like companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5 times greater market share. This links to 82% of companies [that] believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business results.

These are only two facts over an insane amount that prove how design can transform your business and enable it to thrive in its market. Benefiting your company, design can translate into an increase in sales, partnerships, and its customers and clients contributing to your business’ successful growth.

Overall Success

The ‘Perfect Match’ I (and many others) call growth design is a pair that will always intertwine to make businesses flourish. Design is an asset for furthering any kind of goals you have for your business whether that is wanting to gain a bigger audience or wanting to make your product or service of high quality for clients.

It is a matter of how you will tackle your goals for your business’ growth and who will support you in achieving them. From one company to the next, Blankgroup’s main goal is to provide our services in marketing and digital design to see these results arise within a company’s vision truly showing how you and your company can stay thriving in the marketing world. 

Thank you for reading today’s post and make sure to let me know what you want to read or know about in the comments!

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