8 Black Owned Businesses that You Should Know About – Canadian Addition

For the past few months, black owned businesses have been getting the recognition they deserve for their growing businesses in many different countries. Whether it’s an online business or an opened up shop, these businesses hold the right kind of qualitative products and services for any type of customer who may need whatever they are offering. 

It is important to credit those who work hard for their living and do a good job at it as well. Just as Blankgroup falls under the category of being a black owned marketing business by Kymani O’neal, it’s difficult not to notice the work that has been put in at this point and what the company will grow into as we gain support from clients, readers and our very own employees. 

Where I live (Vancouver, Canada) I have come across a few companies that I’d like to share along with their message on what they do and why. And then some around the rest of the country. 

Food and Drink

For starters, who doesn’t enjoy sitting down in a restaurant and eating some good food? If you don’t you’re probably a shellfish in the sea who can’t go to a restaurant to eat unless you’re a lobster, then Red Lobster displays might just get you into a  suitable tank. 

But if you’re a human minus COVID symptoms, then no need to worry! There’s definitely a spot for you to takeout food at Beetbox, a 100% plant based, vegetarian and vegan restaurant located in Vancouver on 1074 Davie St. 

As they like to call it, they are known for having conscious comfort food, from their plant based burger with cheese to their chilli cheese fries that are most definitely meat free. 

If you want to see what the mouth watering menu has to offer head over to their website linked above or checkout their Instagram for some drool worthy visuals. 

Let’s talk about Calgary. Located on 107 5403 Crowchild Trail, is a cake shop that sells more than just cakes. Bolo Cakery caters, bakes and cooks up sandwiches for anyone wanting both sweet and savoury eats in a single sitting (or if you’re like me, you’ll take something home to dive into later). 

From custom cakes, cinnamon buns, or a twist on a B.L.T., they really have something for everyone to indulge in so stop by if you’re in the Calgary area or if you’re stuck in your hometown far from Calgary like me, head over to their Instagram page for a major foodie moment. 


Getting ‘quarantine fit’ and showing everyone that you didn’t rest during stay at home orders has definitely become a trend worldwide. I’ll be honest, I hopped on the trend too, but I swear not for a TikTok video. I would never. 

At Rize Fitness located on 188 Smithe St. in Vancouver, they give every single one of their clients a personalized experience in their private training studio where you can book a personal trainer, a physiotherapy or chiropractic session and even offer the practice of naturopathic medicine. 

Just looking at their website gives me major motivation vibes, so head on over if you’re looking for an all inclusive gym. Their Instagram might just be the icing on the cake (the audacity, sorry) if you’re looking for a personalized experience at a local gym. 

You might already know her if you’re from the Toronto area, Heather Wilson Phillips has exceeded her fitness discipline making her a well known Canadian, fitness expert. 

She has online fitness packages you can follow as well as meal packages to get your body in shape, but most importantly encourage a healthy lifestyle through her company, The Fitness Empire.

If you want to check it out, visit her website and read about the packages she has before buying and let your fitness journey start! 


Clothes always hit a sweet spot so when the mall opened, I ran. But if you’re still at home and wanting to diversify your closet, Khimia Designs is your place to see. It’s an online boutique that makes African print inspired fashion for both men and women. They have a variety of clothing pieces, headwear and jewelry to pair so it’s really a never ending shop to buy from. 

The various collections can be found on their Instagram and you might even find different ways you can style their pieces. 

If you love purses, you have to check out this online store called Bouswari. Inspired by Senegalese culture and African culture in general, this store has various types of bags that are essential in any wardrobe. 

They are a true enhancement to staying chic and stylish and best of all, they bring traditional craftsmanship by partnering with local artisans in Senegal. If you ask me, any company that offers tradition behind their company is so refreshing especially in an era where almost everything can feel superficial.

Check out their Instagram to get a peak into what your closet could look like with a newly added handbag! 

Beauty and Wellness

The only thing I cared about post quarantine was being able to get my eyebrows threaded. I can’t imagine how many bad at home haircuts, diy acrylic nails and home waxing happened during quarantine, but I know they happened. 

In BC, our stay at home orders have eased as well as the reopening of many different businesses. Thankfully beauty and wellness shops got to open up just like Mou Jam Beauty Salon (and barbershop) located on 13634 104 avenue in Surrey, BC. 

In the summer of 2018, I had scheduled an appointment to get feed-in braids for a trip to Vegas in 40 degree weather (celsius) and I personally couldn’t have been happier with the results. 

The hairdresser who did my hair had recommended products for my hair to keep them fresh and looking new while on my trip. As a first timer at that store, I could tell that most of the customers coming in were regulars as employees had casual yet familiar conversations with them.  Everyone seemed like family and made the store feel super welcoming, so if you can’t already tell, I’d go again and recommend them over and over. 

To see the variety of services they do check out their website and to see some results, visit their Instagram. You won’t regret it! 

Besides hair needs, having that post quarantine glow is crucial. Apprenti Ôr’ganik, an online company run by Alexe is based out of Montreal that gives customers a holistic experience with their organic face and body products. 

From packaging to the product you apply to your body and/or face, Alexe cares about the quality of her products and wants customers to “reconnect with the real and natural.” 

For one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages I’ve ever seen, head on over to it and see for yourself the kind of care Alexe has for company. 

Today, I spoiled you with a lengthy read but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe even invested your time into clicking a link and buying a product or two. 

Thank you for reading and come back later this week for a new post!  

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