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Who we are

Who we are
Our Representatives

BlankStudio Corporation was founded in 2019 as a media marketing firm by Kymani Guy of Vancouver, BC and Felix Umland of Germany. Through strategic growth and the addition of new resources, tools, partners and vendors we have grown into a orginization that enables immense growth through technical advancement and opportunity. We work with entities of all sizes and maintain working relationships in over 7 industries comprised of 50+ firms, agencies and suppliers.

BlankStudio Corporation DBA “BlankGroup” is a specialized procurement firm that assists small-sized, medium-sized, or large-sized businesses in achieving their specific objectives, such as increasing sales through intergrated digital software, specialized equipment financing, fixed product procurement programs, or rebranding for an initial public offering.

BlankStudio Corporation maintains various working relationships with suppliers, firms and agencies from around the world allowing our project managers to conduct thorough market research and analysis that craft personalized, cost effective, quality projects to help push towards a business’s path to meeting set objectives.

Our finance representatives and project managers are the main leaders in our organization and are responsible for overseeing the workflow within the project teams and their clients.

Finance representatives and project managers are also responsible for developing reports and/or presentations for the team and clients based on information that they have collected.

Developing and teaching within the BlankGroup team will be a major focus. As a young, ambitious company with great ambitions, we believe that learning and growing through each experience will propel us to greater heights!

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Opportunity Advancement

Our Industries

We work with entities of all sizes and maintain working relationships in over 7 industries comprised of 50+ firms, agencies and suppliers.

+ Manufacturing & Distribution
+ Energy, Oil and Gas
+ Consulting
+ SAAS and Subscription
+ Construction
+ Technology
+ Entertainment and Media
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